Renting a villa in Zahara: Find your oasis on the coast

If you are looking to rent a villa in Zahara de los Atunes, you have come to the right place. This beautiful coastal town offers a wide selection of villas available for seasonal rental. With options ranging from sea views, direct access to the beach, to private pools, you'll find the perfect accommodation to enjoy your holiday. You can also read reviews from satisfied customers about the comfort and tranquillity of these villas. Discover the best rental options and live a unique experience in Zahara de los Atunes!

Renting of villas in Zahara de los Atunes

Discover the wonderful option of renting a villa in Zahara de los Atunes, a privileged destination located on the Costa de la Luz, in the province of Cadiz, Spain. Zahara de los Atunes is known for its miles of pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and traditional charm.


Location and characteristics of Zahara de los Atunes

Zahara de los Atunes is located on the Costa de la Luz, in the Andalusia region of southern Spain. This charming coastal town has an exceptionally beautiful natural setting, surrounded by natural parks and mountains. Its beaches stretch for several kilometres, offering golden sands and clear waters, ideal for enjoying the sun and the sea.


Advantages of renting a villa in Zahara

Privacy and comfort: Renting a villa in Zahara gives you the opportunity to enjoy your holidays in an exclusive and private space, where you can relax and unwind.

Space for the whole family: The chalets usually have extensive facilities and multiple rooms, providing enough space to accommodate the whole family or groups of friends.

Access to services and amenities: Many villas in Zahara have private swimming pools, gardens, terraces and facilities such as wifi and air conditioning, to ensure a pleasant stay.

Privileged location: By choosing to rent a villa in Zahara, you will be close to the beach, which will allow you to enjoy magnificent views and have direct access to the sea to enjoy water activities and walks on the sand.


Villa rental options in Zahara

In Zahara de los Atunes you will find a wide range of villas available for seasonal rental. Each villa has its own personality and unique features. You can choose from a variety of sizes and designs, from cosy villas to luxurious residences with sea views. In addition, you will have the option to select villas that offer additional amenities such as a private pool, direct access to the beach or terraces with panoramic views. Renting a villa in Zahara de los Atunes gives you the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience, surrounded by natural beauty and tranquillity in a paradisiacal setting. Discover the options available and choose the perfect villa for your next holiday on the Costa de la Luz.

Find and book a villa in Zahara de los Atunes

Characteristics of the available villas

When renting a villa in Zahara de los Atunes, you can enjoy a wide variety of options to suit your needs and preferences. Here are the main features of the villas available:

Size and capacity of the chalets

The villas in Zahara de los Atunes offer different sizes and capacities to suit different preferences and groups of people. You can find villas with between 2 and 6 bedrooms, ideal for couples, families or groups of friends. In addition, their capacity varies from accommodating 4 people to accommodating larger groups of up to 12 people.

Amenities and services

The villas in Zahara de los Atunes have a wide range of amenities and services to provide you with a comfortable and pleasant stay. These villas usually offer fully equipped kitchens, spacious and cosy living areas, fully equipped bathrooms and some options even include a private jacuzzi. You can also enjoy amenities such as air conditioning, heating, cable TV and wifi. Some of the most common amenities include: Fully equipped kitchen with modern appliances Living area with sofas and dining area Private bathrooms with shower or bathtub Terrace or garden with outdoor furniture Private parking

Location and access to the beach

The villas in Zahara de los Atunes are located in different areas of the town, offering different landscapes and proximity to the beach. You can find options that offer sea views, as well as other villas with direct access to the beach. Enjoy the sea breeze and the comfort of being just a few steps away from the sand and the sea.

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Customer reviews of the chalets

Find out what our customers say about the villas in Zahara de los Atunes. Here you will find testimonials from those who have enjoyed an unforgettable stay in this charming coastal town.



  • "Incredible experience at the villa in Zahara! The attention of the staff was excellent and the house was spotless. We enjoyed the proximity to the beach and the sea views from the terrace - we will definitely be back!" - Laura
  • "The villa exceeded our expectations. Spacious, comfortable and with all the amenities we needed for a perfect holiday. The private pool was a real luxury - we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it!" - Antonio
  • "We loved the tranquility and privacy of the villa. It was located in a peaceful setting, ideal for relaxing and unwinding from the stresses of everyday life. Also, the beach was only a few minutes walk away - a wonderful experience!" - Maria

"Remember that these opinions are personal experiences and may vary according to individual tastes and expectations. We invite you to read more reviews and evaluate which aspects are most important to you when renting a villa in Zahara de los Atunes.

In Zahara de los Atunes you will find a wide variety of activities and attractions to satisfy your interests, from enjoying its paradisiacal beaches, visiting historical monuments to exploring the wine, bullfighting and Pueblos Blancos tourist routes.

Are you ready to live a unique experience in this charming destination on the Costa de la Luz?

Prices and recommendations to rent a villa in Zahara

If you are thinking of renting a villa in Zahara, it is important to consider seasonal prices and recommendations to find the best deal. Here is some relevant information to help you make an informed decision.


Price range according to season

Prices for villa rentals in Zahara de los Atunes vary depending on the time of year. During the summer months, especially July and August, it is common for prices to be higher due to high demand and the holiday season. Villas with sea views, direct access to the beach or private pool tend to have a higher price. On the other hand, prices may be more affordable during the low season, such as spring or autumn. It is important to note that prices can also vary depending on the size and characteristics of the villa, as well as its exact location in Zahara de los Atunes. Remember that it is advisable to book in advance to ensure you get the villa of your choice and get the best rates.

By following these recommendations, you will be able to find the best villa rental in Zahara de los Atunes to suit your needs and budget. Enjoy an unforgettable holiday in this beautiful destination on the Spanish coast!


Medinas-Sidonia, Tarifa and Vejer de la Frontera, charm in the surroundings

  • Plan ahead: If you have flexibility in dates, it can be beneficial to book outside of peak season months to take advantage of lower prices.
  • Compare different options: Explore different websites and rental agencies to compare prices and features of available villas in Zahara. Don't limit yourself to a single source of information.
  • Read reviews from other guests: Check the reviews of people who have already rented the villa you are interested in. This will give you an idea of the quality of the accommodation and the level of satisfaction of previous guests.
  • Negotiate if possible: In some cases, especially during the low season, you can try to negotiate the price with the landlord or rental agency. Don't be afraid to ask if there is any possibility of getting a discount.
  • Check cancellation policies: Before confirming your booking, make sure you understand the cancellation policies in case of changes of plans. Some owners or agencies may have more flexible conditions than others.

Frequently asked questions about renting villas in Zahara

Are pets allowed in the villas in Zahara?

Yes, many of the villas available in Zahara de los Atunes allow pets. Enjoy your holiday with your faithful four-legged companion without worries. Be sure to check with the owner in advance for specific conditions and restrictions regarding pets.

Are there villas with private swimming pools?

Absolutely. In Zahara de los Atunes, you will find villas that offer private pools, where you can enjoy refreshing and relaxing moments without having to share with other guests. The option of having an exclusive pool adds a touch of luxury and privacy to your stay.

What is the maximum capacity of the chalets?

The capacity of the villas in Zahara de los Atunes varies according to each accommodation. You can find options from smaller villas, ideal for couples or small families, to larger villas with several bedrooms and capacity for larger groups. Before booking, check the maximum capacity allowed in each specific villa.

Is it necessary to have air conditioning in the villa?

Depending on your preferences and the season in which you plan to visit Zahara de los Atunes, it is advisable to have an air-conditioned villa. The climate on the coast can be hot in summer, and an air conditioning system will make your stay more comfortable. Be sure to check if the villa you are interested in has this option.

Is it possible to rent beachfront villas?

Yes, in Zahara de los Atunes you will find options of beachfront villas. Enjoy the comfort of having direct access to the sand and the crystal clear waters of the sea. Wake up every morning to breathtaking views and relax to the sound of the waves from the comfort of your villa. Be sure to look specifically for this feature when making your booking.

Nearby destinations and regions to rent villas

Zahara de los Atunes and Atlanterra

If you are looking for an idyllic destination to rent a villa on the Costa de la Luz, Zahara de los Atunes and Atlanterra are places not to be missed. Located in the province of Cadiz in Andalusia, these charming coastal towns offer a perfect combination of golden beaches, crystal clear waters and a wide range of villas for rent.

In Zahara de los Atunes, you can enjoy long walks along its extensive beach, delight yourself with an exquisite gastronomy based on fresh fish and seafood, and visit its famous Camarinal lighthouse, which offers impressive panoramic views of the coastal landscape.

Atlanterra, on the other hand, will surprise you with its coves of fine sand and turquoise waters, ideal for relaxing and enjoying the sun in total tranquillity. You can also enjoy water sports such as scuba diving and paddle surfing.

Options in Tarifa and Caños de Meca

Just a few kilometres from Zahara de los Atunes are Tarifa and Caños de Meca, two destinations renowned for their natural beauty and bohemian atmosphere. Here you will find a wide variety of villas available for rent, allowing you to enjoy the essence of the Costa de la Luz in all its splendour.

Tarifa, known as the wind capital, is a paradise for kitesurfers and windsurfers. Its endless beaches are perfect for these sports as well as for relaxing and watching beautiful sunsets.

Caños de Meca, meanwhile, will captivate you with its hippie atmosphere and spectacular natural surroundings. Here you can enjoy unspoilt beaches, breathtaking cliffs and a vibrant nightlife in the local beach bars and chiringuitos.

Alquilar Villa en Zahara de los Atunes

Exploring the coast of Zahara and its surroundings

You can't miss the opportunity to explore the area around Zahara de los Atunes and discover beautiful spots on the coast of Cadiz. You can visit the famous beach of Bolonia, with its impressive dune and the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia, or explore the Strait of Gibraltar Nature Reserve, where you can spot migratory birds and enjoy nature trails.

Another option is to visit the charming hilltop town of Vejer de la Frontera, with its narrow white streets and medieval old town. Here you will find a wide range of charming villas, where you can enjoy a unique experience in a historic and picturesque setting.